Zombie High
Zombie High (1987)
Title: Zombie High
Directed by: Ron Link
Written by: Tim Doyle; Aziz Ghazal; Elizabeth Passarelli
Produced by: Cassian Elwes; Aziz Ghazal; Elliott Kastner; Marc Toberoff
Music by: Daniel May
Cinematography: Brian Coyne; David Lux
Edited by: Shawn Hardin; James Whitney
Distributed by: Cinema Group
Palisades Entertainment Group
Released: October 2nd, 1987
Rating: R
Running time: 93 min.
Country: USA
Language: English
Budget: Unknown
Gross: $21,905

Zombie High is an American horror/comedy directed by Ron Link. It was written by Tim Doyle, Aziz Ghazal and Elizabeth Passarelli and produced by the Cinema Group and the Palisades Entertainment Group. It was released theatrically in the United States on October 7th, 1987. The film stars Virginia Madsen, Paul Feig, Sherilyn Fenn, Clare Carey, Scott Coffey, Richard Cox and Kay E. Kuter. The premise of the film involved a young woman named Andrea who accepts a scholarship to an all-male boarding school. She discovers that the school harbors a bizarre secret as all of her fellow classmates appear to be brainwashed emotionless drones, making them what some might consider as the perfect students.

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  • Despite the title to the film, there are no zombies or even high schools in Zombie High.
  • The tagline of this film, "The school that ate my brain".
  • Zombie High grossed $12,165 over it's opening weekend.
  • Ron Link is a theater and stage director. Zombie High is his only work in film.
  • First film work for screenwriter Tim Doyle.
  • Actor Sean Nevett is credited as Sean Nevelt in this film.
  • Actor Will Plyler is credited as Will Plyer in this film.
  • This film premiered on the same day as Near Dark.

Home Video Edit

Zombie High has been made available on VHS format by the Cinema Group, Continental Video, MNTEX Entertainmaint and Video Treasures. In Canada, it was distributed by Northstar Home Video and by Vestron Video in Belgium and the Netherlands.

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