Zombie Fly Girls

The Zombie Fly Girls perform in Las Vegas.

The Zombie Fly Girls were a group of sinister femme fatales featured in the Leprechaun film series. They appeared in the fifth installment of the franchise, 2000's Leprechaun in the Hood.

The Zombie Fly Girls were a trio of attractive young women summoned by an evil leprechaun to suit his own ends. In addition to whatever sexual favors he may or may not have enjoyed from them, he also used the Zombie Fly Girls to seduce to draw in victims, some of whom were other young women, who would then become possessed and join the Fly Girls. One of the Zombie Fly Girls captured the attention of a Brooklyn reverend named Hamson. He was initially spellbound by the girl's charm, but upon seeing her demonic eyes, denounced her as a pawn of the devil and tried to force her out of his church. The leprechaun came up behind him and plunged his hand through the reverend's stomach, killing him.

Later, the Zombie Fly Girls attended the leprechaun during a musical performance in Las Vegas. They provided backup vocals to the leprechaun's rap song, "Lep in the Hood".

Notes Edit

  • The name "Zombie Fly Girl" is taken from the Fly Girls, an all-female dance crew that performed on the 1990-1994 comedy sketch series In Living Color.
  • None of the actresses portraying the Zombie Fly Girls were credited in the film.
  • The true nature of the Zombie Fly Girls is unclear. Despite their name, there is no real evidence to support the notion that they are zombies.
  • The Zombie Fly Girls were distinguished from regular humans by their glowing green eyes. To conceal this, they often wore dark sunglasses.
  • "Zombie" is also another name for marijuana, which appeared in abundance throughout the film.

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