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Zoe Gonzales
Being Human 2x12 005
Zoe Gonzales
Continuity: Being Human
Notability: Recurring character
Type: Necromancer
Gender: Female
Location: Boston, Massachusetts
Known relatives: Nick Fenn [1]
Status: Alive
1st appearance: "All Out of Blood"
Final: "The Panic Womb"
Actor: Susanna Fournier

Zoe Gonzales is a fictional psychic featured in the North American remake of the British supernatural drama series Being Human. Played by actress Susanna Fournier, she was introduced in the season two episode, "All Out of Blood". She also made appearances in seasons three and four, making a total of eleven appearances in the entire series.

Overview Edit

Zoe Gonzales was a psychic with the ability to commune with spirits. She worked in the NICU ward at Suffolk County Hospital in Boston, Massachusetts. Because of Zoe's unique talents, she entered into an on-again/off-again friendship with Sally Malik and even began dating the ghost of a boy named Nick Fenn.

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Notes & Trivia Edit

  • Playing the role of Zoe Gonzales is actress Susanna Fournier's fourth work in episodic television. It is her first work in the supernatural fantasy genre.
  • Despite having a keen understanding of the supernatural, Zoe still had some reluctance when it came to believing in the existence of other creatures, such as vampires and werewolves. [2]

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Season Two

Season Three

Season Four

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References Edit

  1. Ghost boyfriend who was deceased, then alive again, then deceased again.
  2. Being Human: All Out of Blood

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