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Title: Xtro
Directed by: Harry Bromley Davenport
Written by: Harry Bromley Davenport; Iain Cassie; Michel Parry
Produced by: Robert Shaye; Mark Forstater
Music by: Harry Bromley Davenport
Cinematography: John Metcalfe
Edited by: Nicolas Gaster
Distributed by: Amalgamated Film Enterprises
New Line Cinema
Released: January, 1983
Rating: R
Running time: 81 min. (84 min. USA)
Country: UK
Language: English
Next: Xtro II: The Second Encounter (1991)

Xtro is an independent American feature film of the science fiction and horror genres. It was written and directed by Harry Bromley Davenport and co-written by Iain Cassie and Michel Parry. It is the first installment in the three-film Xtro series. The movie was produced by Amalgamated Film Enterprises and New Line Cinema and premiered in the United States in January, 1983. The movie stars Philip Sayer as Sam Phillips, Bernice Stegers as Rachel Phillips, Danny Brainin as Joe Daniels, Maryam d'Abo as Analise Mercier and Simon Nash as Sam and Rachel's son, Tony Phillips.

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  • Alternatively spelled X-tro.
  • The tagline for this movie is, "When Tony grows up, he's going to be just like Daddy!".
  • Harry Bromley Davenport once compared the music score from Xtro to "screaming synthesizers". [2]
  • The original ending to the film was to show Rachel coming home to find the apartment filled with clones of Tony, having apparently hatched from the alien eggs which had been left in the refrigerator. However, executive producer Robert Shaye did not feel that the special effects required for the scene would be convincing enough and it was re-edited to show Rachel sitting down in a field after Sam and Tony leave. Harry Bromley Davenport, however, not wanting to have the film end on such an abrupt note, created an alternate ending, which had Rachel going back into the apartment where she picks up one of the eggs. It hatches and a sucker-tendril springs out and latches onto her face.

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