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A woman is kind of like a man - except not. Unless you're talking about Caitlin Jenner that is. Women have boobs and indoor plumbing. Men have boobs too, but they are not nearly as pronounced as a woman's, unless they are just extremely out of shape.

Okay, enough with the silliness. The purpose of this page is to provide links and information to characters in television episodes who are identified only as "woman". In cases where there are multiple such characters per episode, they are usually distinguished by number. Because of the coding used on wiki databases, any linked article with a "#" symbol will redirect to a specific section of the page. As such, the following will be a list of numbers, which relate to other pages.

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  • On the pilot episode of Penny Dreadful, "Night Work", this unnamed woman was part of a throng of people gathered at the murder site of a young woman and her daughter. Along with her friend, she posited the notion that Jack the Ripper had returned and was murdering once again.

2 Edit

  • On the pilot episode of Penny Dreadful, "Night Work", this unnamed woman was also a member of the group of people gathered at the crime scene. She stood next to woman #1 and observed the London police gathering body parts from the scene of the gruesome murder of a mother and her daughter.

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