Wolfsangel is the name of a fictional organization featured in the HBO television series True Blood. They were introduced in the premiere episode of season three, "Bad Blood". Wolfsangel is the German word for "wolf's hook". Members of the Wolfsangel were branded on the neck with a Runic symbol, which originated during the Viking era. The symbol itself was intended to ward off wolves. The symbol was also found on Nazi officers under Adolf Hitler's Operation Werewolf during World War II, and included many members of the SS. There were two Runic symbols associated with the Wolfsangel - the Odal-rune and the Eif-rune.

Modern day members of the Wolfsangel included a motorcycle group of werewolves who called themselves the Fuck You Crew. The gang consisted of Alpha werewolf Cooter Johnson as well as men named Gus and Louie. These members of the Wolfsangel worked for Russell Edgington, who was the vampire king of Mississippi. Cooter Johnson had the Eif-rune branded on his neck.

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