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Wolfram & Hart
Category: Business
State: California
City: Los Angeles
Notable apperances: Angel
1st appearance: "City of..."

Wolfram & Hart is a fictional law firm featured in the WB Network television series Angel. They serve as the central antagonists of the program and play a prominent role in all five seasons. They were introduced, in part, in the show's pilot episode, "City of..." in the form of lawyer Lindsey McDonald. Throughout the course of the series, the scope and influence of the firm is expanded upon in greater detail.

Wolfram & Hart is a law firm based out of Los Angeles, California, with affiliate offices across the globe. Unlike other evil law firms (yes, that's a bit redundant), Wolfram & Hart is comprised of powerful demonic forces and caters exclusively to demon clientele. Although the day-to-day operations of the firm are generally handled by lower level demons, the firm itself is adminstered by the mysterious unseen Senior Partners, three powerful elder demons known as the Wolf, the Ram and the Heart (hence the name of the firm).

With the season four finale, "Home", the members of Team Angel decided that the best way to defeat an enemy is to join them. After considering the Senior Partners' offer at length, Angel decided to accept the position as manager of the firm's L.A. offices. Joining him were the other members of the former Angel Investigations, Wesley Wyndam-Pryce, Charles Gunn, Winifred Burkle and Lorne.

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  • According to Illyria, the Senior Partners of Wolfram & Hart are petty demons, barely above that of vampires. Considering her own immense power however, this is hardly a fair assertion of the Senior Partners' power.

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