White Pine Bay
Category: Town
Continent: North America
Country: United States of America
State: Oregon
Points of interest: Bates Motel and Manor
Notable apperances: Bates Motel
1st appearance: "First You Dream, Then You Die"

White Pine Bay is a fictional town located in the US state of Oregon. It is the central setting of the 2013 psycho-thriller series Bates Motel on A&E.

Description Edit

White Pine Bay is a small coastal community in the state of Oregon. It's major cash crop is the illegal sale of marijuana. A large marijuana plantation exists just north of the town. The sheriff of White Pine Bay is Alex Romero, who seemingly casts a blind eye to many of the disreputable things that take place in the town, but paradoxically also harbors a sense of "vigilante justice" and has a very rigid personal code for how to maintain law and order in "his city". White Pine Bay is also where the Bates Motel and Manor are located, which used to be owned by a man named Keith Summers, until he lost it to the bank and it was sold to a woman from Phoenix, Arizona named Norma Louise Bates. Students at the White Pine Bay High School include Norman Bates, Bradley Martin and Emma Decody. One of the teachers who worked there was a woman named Miss Watson.

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Notes & Trivia Edit

  • In the Pscyho film series, the Bates Motel and Manor were located in Phoenix, Arizona.
  • Another horror-based TV series that takes place in Oregon is the NBC series Grimm.

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  1. Not a native resident.
  2. Bates Motel TV series only; Originally from Ohio.
  3. Bates Motel TV series only;Originally from Phoenix, Arizona.

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