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Wesen refers to an entire species of bizarre, mythological creatures featured in the NBC supernatural fantasy series Grimm. They are based in large measure on the types of creatures presented in fairy tales and folklore. The Wesen are broken up into many different sub-groups, but one characteristic common to all of them is that they can assume human form and easily operate within normal society without risk of exposure. In contrast to the Wesen are the Grimms, who are a family line of hunters gifted with the ability to perceive the Wesen in their true forms. Normally, this type of clarity only occurs if the Wesen in particular is under some degree of stress or agitation.

Though there are many different breeds of Wesen, the two that present themselves with the most regularity are the Hexenbiest and the Blutbaden. The Hexenbiests are goblin-like witches and are first represented in the series in the form of Adalind Schade. The Blutbaden, vulgarized by others to mean "Big Bad Wolf", are essentially werewolves. One of the main characters from the series, Eddie Monroe is a reformed Blutbad, preferring to supress his kind's predatory killer instincts.

A sub-group of Wesen are the Reapers, whose function is to seek out and destroy Grimms. A Reaper named Linden attempted to murder Marie Kessler, but failed. Another tried to assassinate her in the hospital, but this plan was also foiled. [1][2]

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  • Wesen is German for "creature". In the context of the series, it is a noun referring to the community of such creatures featured in Grimm. [3]
  • Prounounced VAY-zin or VES-sin.

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This article relates to one of the supernatural races of creature featured in the Grimm television series.

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