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Werewolf by Night
Werewolf by Night Vol 2 1
Title: Werewolf by Night
Publisher: Marvel Comics
Type: Ongoing series
Published: 1998
Total issues: 6
Featuring: Jack Russell
Creators: Paul Jenkins; Leonardo Manco; Marie Javins; Mariana Manco; Human Touch; Janice Chiang; Ralph Macchio; Joe Andreani
Previous: Volume One

Werewolf by Night was a short-lived ongoing series published by Marvel Comics from February to July, 1998. It featured the titular anti-hero Jack Russell, also commonly known as the Werewolf by Night. The series was discontinued following issue #6 leaving the storyline unresolved. Jack's story continued in the pages of Strange Tales, Volume 3, where he shared feature spotlight with the Man-Thing, whose own book also suffered from premature cancellation. The Strange Tales title only lasted two issues.


Notes & Trivia

  • This series bore the "Strange Tales" imprint.
  • Issue #2 featured an alternate cover illustrated by original Werewolf by Night artist Mike Ploog.
  • Ghost Rider (Noble Kale) makes a guest appearance in issue #6.

Recommended Reading

  • Werewolf by Night, Volume 1
  • Legion of Monsters: Werewolf by Night
  • Strange Tales: Werewolf by Night & Man-Thing
  • Dead of Night: Werewolf by Night

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