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Wallace Potts was a film director and screenplay writer born Wallace Bean Potts on February 4th, 1947 in Birmingham, Alabama. His film career was brief and began when he was an administrative assitant on the 1981 action movie Sharky's Machine. As a director, he made three video shorts and an obscure movie called Tales of the Unliving and the Undead. In 1988, he wrote and directed Psycho Cop, which was a knockoff of the popular cult hit film Maniac Cop, released a year earlier. Potts' central antagonist from Psycho Cop, Joe Vickers, was also featured in the film's sequel, Psycho Cop Returns, though Potts had no direct involvement with this film himself.

Wallace Potts contracted HIV some time in the mid 1990s, complications from which eventually gave him lymphoma. He passed away in Los Angeles, California on June 29th, 2006 at the age of 59. He was buried in Montgomery, Alabama near his parents' home.

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  • Was also an archivist for the Rudolf Nureyev foundation.
  • Also supplied additional dialogue for the 1987 sci-fi film Terminus.
  • Was a first assistant director on the 1973 version of Don Quixote.

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