"Miles Behind Us"
Walking Dead 10
The Walking Dead
Title: "Miles Behind Us"
Volume: 1
number: 10
Cover date: July, 2004
Publisher: Image Comics
Editor-in-Chief: Eric Stephenson
Writers: Robert Kirkman
Pencilers: Charlie Adlard
Inkers: Charlie Adlard
Cover artists: Tony Moore
Cover inker: Tony Moore
Colorists: Cliff Rathburn
Letterers: Robert Kirkman
Editors: Robert Kirkman
Previous: Walking Dead #9
Next: Walking Dead #11

Issue #10 of The Walking Dead is an untitled story from the series and is the fourth chapter in the "Miles Behind Us" story-arc. It was written by Robert Kirkman with interior artwork by Charlie Adlard and grey-scale color highlights by Cliff Rathburn. The cover art illustration was provided by Tony Moore. The story was lettered and edited by Robert Kirkman. The issue was published by Image Comics and shipped with a July, 2004 cover date. It carried a cover price of $2.95 per copy (US).

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The story from this issue is reprinted in the following volumes:

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