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Vlad Kossei is an eight-hundred year old vampire from Romania. Often referred to as "The Devil", he was a deceitful and treacherous man responsible for unspeakable horrors against both human and vampire societies. Vlad Kossei discovered that he could obtain ultimate power by killing off any human who shared his bloodline. The humans united with the vampires to bring him down and they eventually succeeded in capturing him. A vampire king known as Pashek secured Vlad Kossei to three timbers and burned him to death. His remains were buried beneath an altar in an old church and he was forgotten.

Centuries later, an archaeologist named Christopher Clayton and his brother Thomas were excavating the ruins in Romania and came upon Kossei's remains. Thomas Clayton accidentally cut his hand on the fang from Kossei's skull, and Vlad's spirit took control of his body. Kossei knew that in order to gain true invulnerability, his brother had to die. However, he could not personally take the life of someone in his bloodline. The task had to be performed by someone else.

They Clayton brothers returned to the United States, and Kossei began executing a plot to not only get rid of his brother, but also avenging himself against the vampires who executed him. By this point, Pashek was the king of the L.A. vampires and knew of the coming of Vlad Kossei. Believing that Kossei had embodied the form of Christopher Clayton, they arranged to kidnap Tom Clayton to keep him safe from his brother. This was all part of Vlad Kossei's plan. As Tom Clayton, Vlad Kossei manipulated a vampire hunter named Carrie Rieger into killing Christopher Clayton, thereby endowing him with the ability to walk in the sun. All of Pashek's vampire brood were killed during this affair, and Kossei emerged with ultimate power.

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