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Valerie - Horror of the Blood Monsters
Vicki Volante
Gender: Female
Medium(s): Film
Roles: Actress
1st Horror: Blood of Dracula's Castle (1969)

Vicki Volante is a film actress who worked exclusively in the action and horror genre. She is best known for her work in features directed and produced by 1970s schlock maker Al Adamson. Vicki's first credited film work was Blood of Dracula's Castle in 1969, where she played a motorist victim named Ann. The following year, Vicki played Carol Bechtal in Adamson's Hell's Bloody Devils. Although the movie sounds like a horror feature, it was actually an action/biker film. In 1970, Volante returned to the horror genre playing a character named Valerie in Horror of the Blood Monsters. She played Nora Miller in the Western feature Five Bloody Graves that same year. In 1972, she played Katherine in Brain of Blood. Vicki's final film work was another action exploitation movie, Angel's Wild Women, in which she played a character named Terry.

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Film Year Role
Blood of Dracula's Castle 1969 Ann
Horror of the Blood Monsters 1970 Valerie
Brain of Blood 1971 Katherine

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CBSRMT Title:You Owe Me a DeathPlot: Haunted by dreams and visions of the untimely death of her deceased twin, a woman desires to put the voices to rest. In order to do so, she must first unravel the mysteries surrounding her identical twin to find the truth.Episode:0429

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