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The Scarlet Legion tracks Vampirella to the jungles of South America in a race to secure the final piece of the Crimson Codex. But Chaos' forces are close behind. And as the hour of the Mad God's release draws near, all will learn just who their friends-and enemies-truly are! [1]

Appearances Edit

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:

  • The Scarlet Legion


  • The Cult of Chaos
  • The Mad God

Other Characters:



  • Spear of Destiny



Notes & Trivia Edit

  • UPC: 725130175632
  • The standard edition cover was illustrated by Billy Tucci. The variant cover edition was illustrated by Johnny Desjardins.

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  1. Publisher's solicitation

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Vampirella and the Scarlet Legion
This article relates to the comic book series Vampirella and the Scarlet Legion.

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