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Vampirella is a fictional alien vampire and the title character of the original Vampirella comic magazine as well as it's various spin-off titles. The original Vampirella magazine was published by Warren Publishing and ran for 112 issues from 1969 to 1983. The series was "revamped" in 1988 in standard comic format by Harris Comics and has been rebooted several times. The character has also made crossover appearances with other comic book characters such as Lady Death, published by Chaos! Comics and Magadalena, published by Top Cow Productions. Vampirella was also the main character in her own Vampirella feature film in 1996 where she was played by Talisa Soto.

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Vampirella was a humanoid extraterrestrial born on a planet known as Drakulon. Drakulon was a world where people lived on blood and where blood flowed in rivers. Drakulon orbits two twin suns that were causing droughts across the planet, marking certain doom for Vampirella and her race. The race of which Vampirella was born, the Vampiri, were able to transform themselves into bats at will, sprout wings when required, and drink blood. Due to the rivers drying up, the people of Drakulon were progressively starving to death.

An exploratory space vessel from the planet Earth came to Drakulon and one of the Vampiri, Vampirella, discovered that these Earth humans possessed blood in their veins. Vampirella took the astronaut's ship and journeyed to Earth where she used his vampiric abilities on the side of good, striking out against evil vampires and those from her home world who would seek to take advantage of Earth's human populace.

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  • Vampirella possesses all of the abilities and vulnerabilities of a traditional vampire including fangs, the ability to shape-shift into a bat and hypnotize people. One significant difference however, is that unlike other vampires, Vampirella cannot turn others into vampires.

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