Vampire High is a Canadian teen horror series created by Garry Blye and Mark Shekter. It was produced by Microtainment and aired on the YTV television network in Canada from September 15th, 2001 to May 4th, 2002. The series lasted only one seasons, spanning a total of 26 episodes. The billed cast members of the program include Jeff Roop as Drew French, Meghan Ory as Sherry Woods, Karen Cliche as Essie Rachimova, Ilona Elkin as Merrill Young, Paul Hopkins as Karl Todman and David McIlwraith as Doctor Reginald Murdoch.

The setting of the show is the fictional Mansbridge Academy - a boarding school that, in addition to it's standard teenage student body, also includes five vampires. Under the tutelage of Doctor Reginald Murdoch, the five teens labor to find a way to control their vampire instincts, while also undergoing the traditional foibles of being a high school teenager.

Episodes Edit

Episode Title Airdate
1x1 Rules are Rules September 15th, 2001
1x2 There's a New Vamp in Town September 22nd, 2001
1x3 In Your Dreams September 29th, 2001
1x4 A Grave Matter October 6th, 2001
1x5 Things That Go Vamp in the Night October 13th, 2001
1x6 That's Why the Lady Is a Vamp October 20th, 2001
1x7 The Bleeding Frenzy October 27th, 2001
1x8 What's Up Doc? November 3rd, 2001
1x9 The Withering November 10th, 2001
1x10 Dads and Monsters November 17th, 2001
1x11 Rats November 24th, 2001
1x12 The Quivering December 1st, 2001
1x13 The Summoning December 8th, 2001
1x14 Odd Man Out February 9th, 2002
1x15 The Test February 16th, 2002
1x16 Litle Sister February 23rd, 2002
1x17 Love's Labours Not Lost March 2nd, 2002
1x18 The Huntress March 9th, 2002
1x19 The Portrait March 16th, 2002
1x20 The Awakening March 23rd, 2002
1x21 Both Sides Now March 30th, 2002
1x22 Sunrise April 6th, 2002
1x23 Lost Weekend April 13th, 2002
1x24 Breaking Up April 20th, 2002
1x25 Blood Trip April 27th, 2002
1x26 Vampire's Patient May 4th, 2002

Notes & Trivia Edit

  • Actors Jeff Roop, Karen Cliche and Marianne Farley have all appeared on episodes of Big Wolf on Campus.
  • Actor Joris Jarsky had a role in the film Saw V, while Karen Cliche appeared in the film Saw VI.

Home Video Edit

DVD Title Episode List
Vampire High: School's A Pain In The Neck Episode 1: Rules Are Rules, Episode 2: There's a New Vampire in Town, Episode 3: In Your Dreams and Episode 4: A Grave Matter
Vampire High: Second Semester: High School Bites Episode 5: Things That Go Vamp in the Night, Episode 6: That's Why the Lady Is a Vamp and Episode 7: Feeding Frenzy
Vampire High Bites Back: They're Dying To Meet You! Episode 8: What's Up Doc?, Episode 9: The Withering and Episode 10: Dads and Monsters

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