Being Human 1.4 003
Category: Town
Continent: Europe
Country: England
City: Bristol
Points of interest: St. Jude's Hospital
Residents: Annie Sawyer; George Sands; John Mitchell; Lauren Drake; Nina Pickering; Owen Norayen; William Herrick
Notable apperances: Being Human (2008)

Totterdown is a neighborhood in the city of Bristol in England. It is the primary setting of the first two series of the British supernatural drama programme Being Human. All of the central characters live and work in Totterdown. It is the site of St. Jude's Hospital, where George Sands, John Mitchell and Nina Pickering all worked. It is also the site of the flat that George and Mitchell shared with the ghost of Annie Sawyer. The most powerful supernatural authoritaive figure in Totterdown was William Herrick.

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