Tony's Liquor is a fictional business featured in the Teen Wolf film franchise. It appeared in the original 1985 Teen Wolf film and provided one of the more memorable scenes from the movie amongst fans.

History Edit

Tony's Liquor was a small business located in the town of Beacontown in Northern California. It was owned and operated by a man whose name was (presumably) Tony. Teenage partier Rupert "Stiles" Stilinsky went into the store one afternoon in the hopes of buying some alcohol. The proprietor turned him away however because he was under age. Shortly thereafter, Stiles' werewolf buddy Scott Howard went into the store and issued a similar request. The proprietor refused to serve him until Scott's eyes began to glow red and his voice changed as he growled out the words "Give me a keg of beer..." The proprietor then grew fearful and went into the back to acquire the keg of beer. Scott then handed him a package of licorice and said in a normal voice "...and these". [1]

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The actual Tony's Liquor seen in the film is located in Tujunga, Los Angeles, California. [2]

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