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Five hundred years ago he was killed... but he did not die. Today, Quincy Harker, Frank Drake, Rachel Van Helsing and Blade, the Vampire Slayer -- stalk him... as this unliving Lord of Vampires spreads his reign of terror across a twentieth century world.

Tomb of Dracula
Tomb of Dracula 1
Title: Tomb of Dracula
Publisher: Marvel Comics
Type: Ongoing series
Published: 1972-1980
Total issues: 70
Featuring: Dracula; Frank Drake; Rachel Van Helsing; Hannibal King; Blade; Quincy Harker; Harold H. Harold
Creators: Gerry Conway; Marv Wolfman; Gardner Fox; Archie Goodwin; Gene Colan; Neal Adams; Mike Ploog
Next: Volume Two

Tomb of Dracula was an ongoing comic book series published by Marvel Comics from April, 1972 to August, 1980 spanning a total of seventy standard issues and five Giant-Size issues. The series has been revamped several more times and all issues of the series have been collected in the Essential Tomb of Dracula and Tomb of Dracula Omnibus compendiums. The central figure of the series, Dracula was the literary creation of Irish author Bram Stoker and was first featured in Stoker's 1897 novel Dracula. The immensely popular character has also been re-interpreted in numerous films, television programs, video games and cartoons. While Dracula was the obvious antagonist of the series, Tomb of Dracula also introduced a team of vampire-hunting protagonists led by the aging Quincy Harker - a character who received only a passing reference in the original novel. He is accompanied by Frank Drake, a living descendant of Count Dracula, Rachel Van Helsing, the granddaughter of Dracula's nemesis Abraham Van Helsing as well as a "good" vampire named Hannibal King. The series is also notable for introducing the character Blade, a half-human/half-vampire who went on to spawn his own comic series and film franchise starring Wesley Snipes.





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