Tomb of Dracula Omnibus
Tomb of Dracula Omnibus 1
Title: Tomb of Dracula Omnibus
Publisher: Marvel Comics
Type: Hardcover collection
Published: 2008-2010
Total issues: 3
Featuring: Dracula; Frank Drake; Rachel Van Helsing; Quincy Harker; Harold H. Harold; Hannibal King; Lilith Drake
Creators: Gerry Conway; Gardner Fox; Mike Friedrich; Steve Gerber; Peter B. Gillis; Tony Isabella; Roger McKenzie; Doug Moench; Jim Shooter; Len Wein; Marv Wolfman; Neal Adams; Vicente Alcazar; Dick Ayers; Richard F. Buckler; John Buscema; Gene Colan; Tony DeZuniga; George Evans; Alfonso Font; Steve Gan; Paul Gulacy; Pablo Marcos; Mike Ploog; Frank Robbins; Frank Springer; Jim Starlin; Tom Sutton; Sonny Trinidad; George Tuska; Alan Weiss

The Tomb of Dracula Omnibus is a hardcover graphic novel collection published by Marvel Comics from 2008 to 2010, with second printings and alternate/variant cover editions being published as late as 2011. The compendiums reprint classic Marvel Comics issues featuring the character of Dracula. Included in the series are all seventy issues of the original Tomb of Dracula standard comic series, all six issues of the black and white Tomb of Dracula Magazine, all thirteen issues of the Dracula Lives! magazine as well as select issues of The Monster of Frankenstein and Werewolf by Night which featured stories that crossed over with Tomb of Dracula.



  • The tagline to this volume is "Time and again, he saved the world... for himself!"

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This article is a comic book series relating to the Tomb of Dracula family of titles.

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