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Supernatural 1x22 005
Tom, servant of Azazel
Continuity: Supernatural
Type: Demon
Gender: Male
Status: Deceased
Born: Unknown
Died: 2006
1st appearance: Supernatural: Salvation
Actor: Sebastian Spence

Tom was a minor character featured in the CW Network television series Supernatural. Played by actor Sebastian Spence, he appeared in two final two episodes from season one, "Salvation" and "Devil's Trap".

Biography Edit

Tom was a minor demon in service to Azazel, also known as the Yellow-eyed-demon. He worked with another demon, Meg Masters, in an effort to track down hunter John Winchester and procure a mystical Colt handgun that had the ability to kill just about anything. Their efforts hit a slide snag when they first acquirred a fake version of the Colt, and Tom proved that it was not the genuine article by shooting Meg with it. Meg naturally survived. They eventually caught up with John Winchester at motel where Tom restrained him against the wall until he could be taken to another location until Azazel could arrive to take possession of him. ("Salvation")

Tom later got into a fight with John's second son, Sam Winchester outside of the Sunrise Apartments building and nearly beat him to death until Sam's brother Dean killed Tom by firing the Colt at him, ultimately destroying him. ("Devil's Trap")

Notes & Trivia Edit

  • Like all minor demons seen on Supernatural, Tom's eyes turned solid black whenever he was possessing a human host.
  • Another character named Tom appeared in the season three episode, "No Rest for the Wicked", and was played by actor Peter Hanlon.

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