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Spawn, also known as Todd McFarlane's Spawn was an animated television series that aired on HBO from 1997 to 1999. It ran for three seasons with six 30-minute episodes per season. The series was based on the popular Spawn comic book series created by Todd McFarlane for Image Comics. The show featured voice talents by Keith David, Richard Dysart, Dominique Jennings, James Keane, Michael McShane and John Rafter Lee. The main character of the series, Al Simmons, is a tortured man who was murdered and then resurrected as a Hellspawn - a soldier for the devil. The animated series followed the Spawn's struggle to reconnect with his widow and young child, while also serving as a protector to the people of the boweries of New York.

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  • All eighteen episodes of Spawn have been collected on home video in VHS, DVD and Blu-ray formats.

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