Tim Burton
Tim Burton
Birth name: Timothy William Burton
Gender: Male
Medium(s): Film
Roles: Director; Producer; Writer
Date of birth: August 25th, 1958
Place of birth: Burbank, California
Notable works: Frankenweenie Beetlejuice Dark Shadows Corpse Bride Nightmare Before Christmas Sleepy Hollow
1st Horror: Frankenweenie (1984)

Tim Burton is a film director, producer, writer and animator born in Burbank, California on August 25th, 1958. He is best known for his stylistic dark fantasy film works, which often center on a likeable, yet socially inept central protagonist.

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  • Tim Burton's first major role as a director was the 1989 feature film adaptation of Batman starring Michael Keaton, Jack Nicholson and Kim Basinger.
  • Has been in a longterm relationship with actress Helena Bonham Carter since 2001. Helena has appeared in five of Tim Burton's films.
  • Is close friends and collaborator with actor Johnny Depp. Depp has appeared in eight of Tim Burton's films.
  • Tim Burton often creates likeable, misunderstood outcasts as his central protagonists.
  • Burton often uses composer Danny Elfman to score most of his films.
  • Was also a digital animator on the 1982 Disney film TRON.
  • Derek Fry has worked as the personal assistant to Tim Burton on many of his films.

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