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Child's Play Edit

Tiffany Valentine

Tiffany Valentine is a fictional mass murderer and psychopath featured in the Child's Play film series. She has been presented as both a living person as well as a soul trapped inside of a doll, usually referred to as just Tiffany. She has been portrayed and voiced by actress Jennifer Tilly. Tiffany has also identified herself as Tiffany Ray, which is her married name to husband Charles Lee Ray, aka Chucky. This marriage is not legally recognized. Chucky ended up killing Tiffany and then used an occult incantation to transfer his soul into a doll. Their whirlwind romance and subsequent murder spree came to an end when the two dolls destroyed each other, but both managed to miraculously resurrect themselves. At some point, Tiffany's soul transferred back into a human body, possibly even into that of Jennifer Tilly herself, in a confusing occurance of breaking the Fourth Wall.