The Unearthly is an American science fiction film of the horror subgenre. It was directed and co-produced by Russian filmmaker Boris Petroff and written by Jane Mann and John D.F. Black. It was produced by Republic Pictures and released theatrically in the United States on June 28th, 1957. The film stars John Carradine, Myron Healy, Allison Hayes, Marylyn Buferd, Arthur Batanides, Sally Todd and Tor Johnson. The premise of the film focuses on Doctor Charles Conway (Carradine), a mad scientist who runs a mental institute and tries to increase the longevity of human test subjects by cultivating a synthetic gland into their skulls. As with most such experiments, the process fails and Conway's patients rise as psychopathic mutants.

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  • The original working title of the film was House of the Monsters.
  • Premiered internationally on February 26th, 1960. In Finland it was known as Kauhutohtori.
  • The concept behind The Unearthly is liberally borrowed from Edward Wood, Jr.'s 1955 flop Bride of the Monster, both of which feature Tor Johnson cast as a character named Lobo.
  • This is the second sci-fi film by Russian filmmaker Boris Petroff, but the first one that he has directed. He was producer and screenwriter on Norman Dawn's monster mash-up Two Lost Worlds. Petroff is credited as Brooke L. Peters in this film.
  • First professional writing work for John D.F. Black. He is credited as Geoffrey Dennis in this movie.
  • Myron Healey is credited as Myron Healy in this film.
  • Marilyn Buferd is credited as Marylyn Buferd in this film.
  • Raymond Guth is credited as Raymond Guta in this film.
  • Karl Johnson, who plays the monster in the basement, is uncredited for his participation in this movie.
  • The Unearthly was lampooned on episode 4.20 of Mystery Science Theater 3000 along wiht Posture Pals and Appreciating Your Parents.
  • Actor Arthur Batanides stated that he believed that the house where they shot this feature once belonged to Mary Astor.
  • Doctor Conway's artificial gland is identified as the 17th Gland.

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