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The Thing is an American horror film of the science-fiction subgenre. It was directed by John Carpenter and written by Bill Lancaster. It was released theatrically in the United States on June 25th, 1982. The movie was remade in 2011 by director Matthijs van Heijningen, Jr.. Often marketed under the title John Carpenter's The Thing, the film adapts the 1938 novella Who Goes There? by John W. Campbell, Jr. and was also loosely based on the script from the 1951 sci-fi film The Thing from Another World by Howard Hawks and Christian Nyby. The premise of the film involves a team of scientists who are sent to investigate lost communications at a Norwegian research outpost in the frozen tundra of Antarctica. After discovering the bizarre remains of a dog and a human cadaver, they quickly find themselves prey to an aggressive alien life form that assimilates human hosts and takes their form. The film stars Kurt Russell as the main protagonist - helicopter pilot R.J. MacReady. Other notable cast members include Wilford Brimley, T.K. Carter, David Clennon, Keith David and Richard Dysart.

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  • Alternatively known as John Carpenter's The Thing.
  • The Thing grossed $3,107,897 over it's opening weekend on June 25th-27th. It was screened in 840 theaters in the US.
  • Aside from an uncredited behind-the-scenes appearance by Adrienne Barbeau as the voice on MacReady's computer, The Thing features an all-male cast.
  • Jed the dog, who plays the Dog Thing in this film is the same animal who played White Fang in the 1991 film of the same name.

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