The Hunger
The Hunger (TV Series)
Title: The Hunger
Format: Live-action
Running time: 60 min.
country: USA/Canada
Network: Showtime
Movie Network
Seasons: 2
Episodes: 44
Production company: Scott Free Productions; Telescene Film Group Productions
Executive producers: Jeff Fazio; Bruce Moccia; Paul E. Painter; Robin Spry
Producers: Chris Burt; Wendy Grean
Principal cast: Terence Stamp; David Bowie
Air dates
First aired: July 20th, 1997
Last aired: March 5th, 2000

Episodes Edit

Season One Edit

Episode Title Airdate
1x1 The Swords July 20th, 1997
1x2 Menage a Trois July 20th, 1997
1x3 Necros July 20th, 1997
1x4 The Secret of Shih Tan July 27th, 1997
1x5 Bridal Suite August 3rd, 1997
1x6 Room 17 August 10th, 1997
1x7 Anais August 17th, 1997
1x8 No Radio August 24th, 1997
1x9 But at My Back I Always Hear August 31st, 1997
1x10 Red Light September 21st, 1997
1x11 I'm Dangerous Tonight September 21st, 1997
1x12 The Sloan Man September 28th, 1997
1x13 A Matter of Style October 26th, 1997
1x14 Hidebound January 23rd, 1998
1x15 Fly-By-Night January 31st, 1998
1x16 The River of Night's Dreaming February 6th, 1998
1x17 The Lighthouse February 20th, 1998
1x18 The Face of Helene Bournouw February 27th, 1998
1x19 Plain Brown Envelope March 6th, 1998
1x20 The Other Woman March 20th, 1998
1x21 Clarimonde March 20th, 1998
1x22 Footsteps March 27th, 1998

Season Two Edit

Episode Title Airdate
2x1 Sanctuary September 10th, 1999
2x2 Skin Deep September 10th, 1999
2x3 The Dream Sentinel September 10th, 1999
2x4 And She Laughed October 3rd, 1999
2x5 Nunc Dimmitis October 10th, 1999
2x6 Week Woman October 17th, 1999
2x7 The Night Bloomer October 24th, 1999
2x8 The Diarist October 31st, 1999
2x9 Sin Seer November 7th, 1999
2x10 Triangle in Steel September 14th, 1999
2x11 Brass November 21st, 1999
2x12 The Replacement November 28th, 1999
2x13 I'm Very Dangerous Tonight January 2nd, 2000
2x14 Wrath of God January 9th, 2000
2x15 Bottle of Smoke January 16th, 2000
2x16 The Perfect Couple January 23rd, 2000
2x17 Sacred Fire January 3rd, 2000
2x18 Approaching Desdemona February 6th, 2000
2x19 The Seductress February 13th, 2000
2x20 Beyond Any Measure February 20th, 2000
2x21 The Falling Man February 27th, 2000
2x22 The Suction Method March 5th, 2000

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