"The Seductress" is the nineteenth episode of season two of the horror anthology series The Hunger and the forty-first episode of the series overall. It was directed by Alain Desrochers and written by Mark Nelson based on a story by Ramsey Campbell. It first aired on Showtime on February 13th, 2000. In this episode, a woman named Elizabeth breaks up with her boyfriend after discovering that he is part of a cult. The boyfriend subsequently commits suicide, but the surviving members of the cult begin stalking Elizabeth.

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  • Casting for this series is by Rosina Bucci, Nadia Rona, and Vera Miller.
  • Script writer Mark W. Nelson is credited as Mark Nelson in this episode.
  • Actor William Katt is best known for playing the role of Ralph Hinkley on the 1981-1986 superhero series The Greatest American Hero. In the horror genre, he is best known for playing Roger Cobb in the 1986 film House.

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Female rear nudity | Female topless nudity

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