"Moving Day" is the thirteen and final episode of season one of the supernaturally-themed drama series The Gates. It was directed by Fred Gerber and written by Grant Scharbo and Gabrielle G. Stanton. The episode first aired on ABC on Sunday, September 19th, 2010. In this episode, Devon Buckley becomes Public Enemy #1 after everyone learns that she is responsible for the deaths of Frank and Vanessa Buckley. Unfortunately, Devon still has one ace up her sleeve, as her dark magic is the only thing that can possibly save a dying Charlie Monohan who has finally succumbed to Andie's succubus powers. Nick Monohan asks Claire and Dylan Radcliff to protect Devon from the other vampires and the Radcliffs have a final showdown with vampire leader Ben McAllister. Devon agrees to save Charlie, but is the cure worse than the disease?

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  • Production code number: 504410-113-S113
  • Final episode of the series. Final appearance of all characters.
  • Aired as the second part of a two-part episode. It aired on the same night as "Bad Moon Rising".

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