Telekinesis is the ability to move objects and organisms using only the power of the mind. It is classically considered a psionic ability, but many magic users have been known to employ it as well. The weight, volume and range that a person can move an object varies depending upon the psychic strength of the user. In many cases, it is an ability that can strengthened and honed with time and practice.

In the WB Network television series Charmed, each of the Halliwell sisters, aka, the "Charmed Ones", developed a mystical ability that was unique to each of them. Prue Halliwell developed the power of telekinesis. In season two, she developed a second ability, astral projection.

In the Leprechaun film series, the evil leprechaun displays a variety of magic abilities, including a form of telekinesis. One example includes an instance where he used his power to make an up-and-coming rap artist named Stray Bullet put a gun to his own chin and shoot himself. (Leprechaun in the Hood (2000))

The character of Carrie White from the Stephen King novel Carrie as well as its various film adaptations is a very powerful telekinetic. In the 2013 remake of Carrie, she uses telekinesis to avenge herself against her tormentors. She causes chaos at the dance hall where the high school prom is being held, causing tables and chairs to fly as well as electrical cables. She causes even more wanton violence in the street and uses TK to stop an oncoming vehicle driven by her nemesis Chris Hargensen as well as her boyfriend, Billy Nolan. Billy is killed by the impact and Chris' face is driven through the windshield. She then causes a spark, which ignites a nearby gas pump, causing the vehicle to explode. Carrie later has a confrontation with the domineering mother, Margaret White in which she literally brings the house down, killing both of them.

Notes Edit

  • Also known as Mind Over Matter.

Appearances Edit

  • Annabelle - Demon pushes Father Perez from entering a church.

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This article relates to the Charmed television series.

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