"Second Chance at First Line" is the second half of the two-part pilot episode of the television series Teen Wolf. It was directed by series creator Russell Mulcahy and written by Jeff Davis. In this episode, Scott McCall finds that it is extremely difficult to balance both school and his newfound werewolf abilities. His enhanced physical skills give him a solid edge over his opponents on the lacrosse field, but when his anxiety overwhelms him, he accidentally injures teammate Jackson Whittemore. Moreover, Scott must also contend with Derek Hale, an older, more experienced werewolf who may be responsible for murdering the young woman that Scott and Stiles found in the wildlife preserve.

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  • At this point in the series, there is no standard opening title theme, though all of the main cast members are credited during the sequence itself.
  • Actress Shannon Guess is uncredited for her participation this episode.

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