"Omega" is the first episode of season two of of the American teen horror/drama Teen Wolf and the thirteenth episode of the series overall. The episode was directed by series creator Russell Mulcahy and written by showrunner and developer Jeff Davis. It first aired on MTV on Sunday, June 3rd, 2012 on a special night. In this episode, Jackson Whittemore and Lydia Martin must now deal with the radical changes their bodies are going through after being infected with lycanthropy. Lydia has an adverse reaction to the side effects and flees the hospital, running off naked into the night. Scott and Stiles canvas the neighborhood using Scott's heightened senses to track her scent. Meanwhile, funeral services are held for Allison's aunt, Kate Argent, and the rest of the Argent family - all hunters - come to pay their respects. Allison's grandfather is an experience hunter who vows to slay every werewolf he finds to avenge his granddaugther's death.

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  • First of a two-part season premiere episode.
  • Beginning with this episode, the series now has a regular opening title sequence.
  • The events of this episode take place in 2011, only a few days after the events from "Code Breaker".
  • It is established in this episode that being part of a pack literally makes a werewolf stronger. This is demonstrated when Derek Hale up-ends a bulldozer tractor, then sets it down again.
  • This episode introduces the mystery of the black blood that both Lydia and Jackson begin to exhibit. The theory is that their bodies are rejecting parts of the werewolf curse.
  • An "Omega" is a werewolf that is without a pack. The notion is that a lone werewolf is significantly weaker than a werewolf who is part of a pack, as exemplified by how easily the hunters are able to string him up and cut him down.
  • First appearance of Matt, the photographer at Kate Argent's funeral. He will become more important as the series progresses.
  • It is possible that an Omega's connection to other werewolves is so diminished that they cannot be perceived as a lycanthrope by others. This could explain why Jackson did not recognize the Omega as a werewolf when he passed him in the high school parking lot.

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