Buffy Episode 1x04 001

Substitute teacher Natalie French and student Xander Harris.

A teacher is someone charged with the educational instruction of others, usually within a specified field. Teachers may include private tutors, school teachers, college professors, military school instructors, as well as various fields of specialty, such as relgion or martial arts.

Teachers crop up quite often in the horror genre, particularly in media catering towards a teenage demographic. The Scream film series addresses some members of the Woodsboro High School faculty. In television, high school and college teachers pop up all the time, such as in shows like Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Teen Wolf and Vampire High.

Known teachers Edit

Character Series
Alaric Saltzman The Vampire Diaries
Bobby Finstock Teen Wolf
Carl Hill Re-Animator
Daphne Harridge Dark Shadows
Don Harding Supernatural
Frederick Frankenstein Young Frankenstein
Hido Takahashi True Blood
Ichabod Crane The Legend of Sleepy Hollow
Josh Lambert Insidious
Ken Douglas The Crow: Waking Nightmares
Kristin Lang Scream: The Series
Maggie Evans Dark Shadows
Maggie Walsh Buffyverse
Mina Murray Dracula
Miss Watson Bates Motel
Rick Payne Ghost Whisperer
Seth Branson Scream: The Series
Tim Shaw Dark Shadows
Timothy Eliot Stokes Dark Shadows
Victoria Argent Teen Wolf
Victoria Winters Dark Shadows
William Tanner The Vampire Diaries