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Tate Langdon
Tate Langdon
Aliases: Rubber Man; Norman Bates, Jr.
Continuity: American Horror Story
Type: Ghost
Gender: Male
Location: Los Angeles, California
Known relatives: Constance Langdon (mother);
Adelaide Langdon (sister, deceased)
Beauregard Langdon (brother, deceased);
Vivien Harmon (mother of child, deceased);
Michael Langdon (son)
Born: 1977
Died: 1994
1st appearance: American Horror Story: Pilot
Actor: Evan Peters
Paul Butler

Tate Langdon is one of the main characters featured in the FX Network television series American Horror Story. Played by actor Evan Peters, he was introduced in the program's pilot episode and appeared in every episode in season one. Child actor Paul Butler, Jr. played young Tate Langdon in episode 1.11, "Birth".

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  • Tate has been saddled with the nickname Norman Bates, Jr., which is a reference to the infamous cinematic psychopath Norman Bates from Alfred Hitchcock's seminal 1960 film classic Psycho.

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