Series Tales of the Unexpected
Season 7, Episode 3
Tales of the Unexpected Set 4
Airdate May 26th, 1984
Writer Bert Salzman; Talmage Powell
Director Bert Salzman
Producer John Rosenberg; Graham C. Williams
Starring Barbara Bolton; Lois Smith; Tom Smothers; Patrick O'Neal; Malachy McCourt; Joanne Lara; Larry Keith
Previous "The Best Chess Player in the World"
Next "Have a Nice Death"

"Proxy" is the third episode of season seven of the British mystery anthology series Tales of the Unexpected and the 86th episode of the series overall. It was directed by Bert Salzman and written by Salzman and Talmage Powell. It first aired on ITV in the UK on Saturday, May 26th, 1984. This episode stars Barbara Bolton, Lois Smith, Tom Smothers, Patrick O'Neal, Malachy McCourt, Joanne Lara and Larry Keith. The plot of the episode revolves around a media tycoon named Sutton and two of his friends who all share the misfortune of being blackmailed by the same woman with whom they had all had affairs with. When the woman turns up dead, the three work together to dispose of the body without raising any undue suspicion.

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  • Production code number: 077914

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