Tales from the Grave is an American anthology horror film released direct-to-video in 2005. The film was directed, written and produced by Stephanie Beaton and produced by Silver Moon Productions and released through Brain Damage Films and Razor Digital Entertainment. It contains four segments, each one written by a different screenwriter. Stephanie and mother Beverly wrote "The Billywack", Gary M. Lumpp wrote "Lab Rats", Jeff McCoy wrote "Crazy Gunderman" and Paul Zanone wrote "The Wrath of Hercaylac".

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  • Other movies produced by Silver Moon Productions include The Bagman, Evil in the Bayou, Bloody Bender's Return and Tales from the Grave: Happy Holidays.
  • The DVD includes preview trailers for Tales from the Grave and The Bagman.
  • Features a song entitled "Own That Jimmy", which was written by horror film icon Bill Moseley.

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