"The Ventriloquist's Dummy"
Series Tales from the Crypt
Season 2, Episode 10
Tales from the Crypt 2x10 001
Airdate June 5th, 1990
Writer Frank Darabont
Director Richard Donner
Producer Fred Baron; Alexander B. Collett; Richard Donner; David Giler; Walter Hill; Stephen Semel; Joel Silver; William Teitler; Suzanne Todd; John G. Wiseman; Robert Zemeckis
Starring John Kassir; Don Rickles; Bobcat Golthwait; Shelley Taylor Morgan; Symie Dahut; Steve Susskind; April Clawson; Joycee Katz; Courtney Mellinger; Jaclynne G. Jacobs
Previous "Four-Sided Triangle"
Next "Judy, You're Not Yourself Today"

"The Ventriloquist's Dummy" is the tenth episode of season two of the horror anthology series Tales from the Crypt and the sixteenth episode of the series overall. It was directed by Richard Donner and written by Frank Darabont. It first aired on HBO on June 5th, 1990.

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  • Director Richard Donner makes an uncredited cameo appearance as a man at a bar.

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