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"Easel Kill Ya"
Series Tales from the Crypt
Season 3, Episode 8
Tales from the Crypt - The Complete Third Season
Airdate July 17th, 1991
Writer Larry Wilson
Director John Harrison
Producer Richard Donner; Robert Zemeckis; Joel Silver; David Giler; Walter Hill; Gilbert Adler; Barry Josephson; Jennie Lew Tugend; Marcus Keys; Connie Johnson
Starring John Kassir; Tim Roth; Roya Megnot; Nancy Fish; Debra Mooney; William Atherton; Stuart Mabray; Mary McKuen; Rod Britt; Kevin Brief
Previous "The Reluctant Vampire"
Next "Undertaking Palor"

"Easel Kill Ya" is the eighth episode of season three of the horror anthology series Tales from the Crypt and the thirty-second episode of the series overall. It was directed by John Harrison and written by Larry Wilson. It first aired on HBO on Saturday, July 17th, 1991. The episode stars Tim Roth, Roya Megnot, Nancy Fish, Debra Mooney, William Atherton and Stuart Mabray.

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  • This episode is available on disc two of the Tales from the Crypt: The Complete Third Season DVD collection.
  • Ken Gutstein and Arabella Holzbog are uncredited for their participation in this episode.

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