"The last time I made the mistake of leaving someone alone, I had to bury her next to her husband -- and I swore I'd never have to live through that again!"
Matthew Cable
"Monster on the Moors!"
Swamp Thing 4
Swamp Thing
Title: "Monster on the Moors!"
Volume: 1
number: 4
Cover date: April-May, 1973
Publisher: DC Comics
Executive editor: Joe Orlando
Writers: Len Wein
Pencilers: Bernie Wrightson
Inkers: Bernie Wrightson
Cover artists: Bernie Wrightson
Cover inker: Bernie Wrightson
Cover colorist: Bernie Wrightson
Letterers: Gaspar Saladino
Assistant editors: E. Nelson Bridwell
Editors: Joe Orlando
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Next: Swamp Thing #5

"Monster on the Moors!" is the story title to the fourth issue of the first Swamp Thing ongoing comic book series by DC Comics. The story was written by Len Wein with artwork by Bernie Wrightson, who also provided embellishment work for this issue. The cover art was penciled, inked and colored by Wrightson, who also colored the interior pages to this issue. The story was lettered by Gaspar Saladino and edited by Joe Orlando. This issue shipped with an April-May, 1973 cover date and carried a cover price of 20 cents per copy (US).

Synopsis Edit

The seaplane carrying Matt Cable and Abigail Arcane crashes into the moors of Scotland. What they don't realize is that the plane has a stowaway. Swamp Thing has been clinging to one of the plane's pontoons ever since they left the Balkans.

Angus and Jenna MacCobb find Matt and Abby and offer them shelter at their ancestral home. They spend the night inside the house while Swamp Thing remains outside silently observing them.

That night, Mister Rodman, the pilot of the plane goes out to check on the plane when he is attacked and killed by a mysterious creature. The MacCobbs discover his body, and Matt and Abigail are forced to impose upon their hosts even longer than they intended.

That same evening, the Swamp Thing finds a werewolf stalking the moors outside the MacCobb house. The two get into a fight that ends in a stalemate.

The following evening, Matt and Abigail meet Ian MacCobb, Angus and Jenna's son. Jenna later poisons Matt and takes him to a secret basement laboratory. She has both Matt and Ian strapped to a table. She intends on performing a blood transfusion, hoping to transfer the curse of the werewolf from her son's body into Matthew's. Ian transforms into the werewolf and goes berserk. Swamp Thing bursts into the house and fights the werewolf. He kills him by impaling him on a silver-tipped chandelier.

Appearances Edit

Featured characters Edit

Supporting characters Edit

Antagonists Edit

  • Ian MacCobb
  • Angus MacCobb
  • Jenna MacCobb

Minor characters Edit

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  • None

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Notes & Trivia Edit

  • The cover to this issue is job number J-3028.
  • First and only appearance to date of Angus MacCobb.
  • First and only appearance to date of Jenna MacCobb.
  • First and only appearance of Ian MacCobb; dies in this issue.

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