"This is, without a doubt, the dumbest, craziest thing we've ever done... and that's in a long, storied career of dumb and crazy."
Sam Winchester
"Folsom Prison Blues"
Series Supernatural
Season 2, Episode 19
Supernatural 2x19 001
Airdate April 26th, 2007
Writer John Shiban
Director Mike Rohl
Producer Ben Edlund; Peter Johnson; Phil Sgriccia; John Shiban; Kim Manners; McG; Cyrus Yavneh; Eric Kripke; Robert Singer; Todd Aronauer
Starring Jared Padalecki; Jensen Ackles
Previous "Hollywood Babylon"
Next "What Is and What Should Never Be"

"Folsom Prison Blues" is the nineteenth episode of season two of Supernatural and the forty-first episode overall. Directed by Mike Rohl and written by John Shiban, it first aired on the WB Network on April 26th, 2007. In this episode, Sam and Dean decide to help out a friend by investigating paranormal activity at the Green River County Detention Center in Little Rock, Arkansas. Unfortunately, the only way to get a good look inside the prison is by getting arrested. FBI agent Victor Henricksen is only too happy to see the boys go to jail, but things get more intense as they learn that the vengeful spirit of a murderous prison nurse is targeting certain prisoners. Sam and Dean must find a way to appease the spirit as well as escape from prison.

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  • Despite the title, Folsom Prison in California does not appear in this episode.

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Carl Reidy
Deacon Kayley
Delores Glockner
Lucas was a prisoner at the Green River County Detention Center in Little Rock, Arkansas. He got into a fight with Dean Winchester and was placed in solitary confinement. That night, the ghost of Delores Glockner entered his cell and murdered him by making his heart stop.
Mara Daniels
Mara Daniels was a public defender assigned to Sam and Dean Winchester. The boys proved to be uncooperative clients, but Dean convinced Mara to help him do some research into the location of Delores Glockner's grave. Mara found herself at odds with FBI agent Victor Henricksen.
Metal Worker Joe
Randall was a prisoner at the Green River County Detention Center in Little Rock, Arkansas. Having served time on two separate occasions, he was familiar with the old cell block and a murderous nurse named Delores Glockner. Randall witnessed the presence of Glockner's ghost and watched it murder another cellmate.
Tiny was an overweight prisoner at the Green River County Detention Center. Dean deliberately picked a fight with him in order to provide a distraction to allow Sam time to gather some supplies. The fight was broken up and the two were taken to a separate cell. That evening, the ghost of Delores Glockner appeared before Dean and attacked him. Dean fought him off, but Tiny was not so lucky. She killed him by causing his heart to stop.
Victor Henricksen

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