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Sunrise Apartments
Category: Residence
Country: United States of America
State: Missouri
City: Jefferson City
1st appearance: Supernatural: Devil's Trap

The Sunrise Apartments is a fictional location featured in the CW Network television series Supernatural. It appeared in the finale episode of season one, "Devil's Trap". The Sunrise Apartments was located in Jefferson City, Missouri.

In the episode, Azazel, colloquially referred to as the "yellow-eyed-demon" and his demonic offspring, Meg and Tom, managed to capture demon hunter John Winchester. Azazel knew that John once had possession of a mystical Colt revolver that could fire demon-killing ammunition and tried to get it from him. The Colt was actually in the possession of his sons, Sam and Dean, so Azazel took possession of John in order to set a trap for the boys. He kept John's body tied to a bed at the Sunrise Apartments with two demon lieutenants, posing as a married couple, standing guard over him.

Meg Masters tracked Sam and Dean to Sioux Falls, South Dakota to the home of one of John's hunter friends, Bobby Singer. Sam and Dean managed to trap Meg using the Key of Solomon, and Sam performed the Rites of Exorcism upon her. When the demonic essence left Meg's body, the human host succumbed to injuries that she had sustained eaerlier in Chicago. With her dying breath she muttered the word "sunrise". The boys eventually figured out that she was talking about the Sunrise Apartments in Jefferson City.

When they arrived at the apartment complex, they realized that they had a new problem to contend with. They had no idea which room John was being held in, and any person living in the building could potentially be a demon. They decided to pull a fire alarm, hoping that it would drive away as many innocent residents as possible. They then disguised themselves as firefighters and entered the building. Using their EMF meters, they found the room John was being held in and fought off the demon guards. They sealed the demons inside of a closet and warded it with salt and freed John. Unfortunately for the boys, they had no idea as they were walking their father out of the building that he was already the host for Azazel. [1]

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