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Stiles Stilinski
Teen Wolf 1x05 002
"Stiles" Stilinski
Aliases: M. Stilinski
Mieczyslaw Stilinski [1]
Franchise: Teen Wolf
Notability: Supporting character
Type: Student
Gender: Male
Location: Beacon Hills
Known relatives: Noah Stilinski [2]
Born: 1995 [3]
1st appearance: "Wolf Moon"
Actor: Dylan O'Brien

Mieczyslaw "Stiles" Stilinski is one of the main characters from the MTV supernatural teen drama series Teen Wolf. He is played by actor Dylan O'Brien and is introduced in the series' pilot episode, "Wolf Moon".

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  • The role of Stiles Stilinski is actor Dylan O'Brien's first professional television work.
  • Dylan O'Brien has stated in interviews that Stiles' real first name will be revealed in season two.
  • Dylan O'Brien has stated in interviews that Stiles' real first name will be revealed in season two. This never actually happened however. The first indication of his real name didn't come about until the season five episode, "Ouroboros" when we see his student ID card, which indicates his name as "M. Stilinski". Stiles' full name was finally revealed to be Mieczyslaw Stilinski in the ninth episode of season six, "Memory Found".

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References Edit

  1. Full name finally revealed in episode 6x09, "Memory Found".
  2. Father; Sheriff of Beacon Hills.
  3. "The Tell" establishes that Scott McCall is at most 16-years-old. As all of his friends are at the same grade level, it is likely that they were all born in the same year.

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