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Steven Quale is a film director, cinematographer and projects coordinator. His first work was the 1988 dramatic film short Darkness (not to be confused with the 2002 film starring Anna Paquin). In 2003, he was second unit director and second unit director of photography on The Haunted Mansion - a horror/comedy starring Eddie Murphy based upon the popular Disney theme park attraction. In 2011, he directed Final Destination 5, making him the third director to work on the series after James Wong and David R. Ellis.

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  • Steven Quale has worked on several films directed by Aliens director James Cameron. He was an editor on 1989's The Abyss, starring Creepshow actor Ed Harris. He was a special projects coordinator on Terminator 2: Judgment Day and True Lies, both of which starred Predator star Arnold Schwarzenegger. Steven Quale also played a bit role in Cameron's 1997 historical epic Titanic.

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