Stella Hastings was a young woman who had become the love interest of several people at the Collinwood estate, including Roger Collins. It was actually Ernest Collins that won her heart however. In 1965, Stella's life came tragically to an end. Her body was found at the foot of Widows' Hill, an apparent victim of suicide. Investigative authorities had not ruled out foul play and investigated the Collins family for potential murder suspects. Ernest Collins became their primary source, but due to lack of evidence, they had to let him go. Roger Collins, distraught over the young woman's death, packaged up all of her belongings and secured them in a large box in the basement at Collinwood.

In June of 1967, Victoria Winters felt that the ghost of Stella Hastings was haunting Collinwood. This however, was not the case. A lodger named Henry Francis had perpetuated the ghost story in order to antagonize Vickie and keep her off the track of his own nefarious schemes. [1]

Notes & Trivia Edit

  • The character of Stella Hastings is exclusive to the Dark Shadows novels published by Paperback Library. She has never appeared on the original Dark Shadows television series.
  • At one point, Roger, in an effort to court Stella's affections gave her a bracelet that had once belonged to his late wife, Laura Collins.
  • The true nature of Stella's death, whether it was the result of murder or suicide, has never been fully revealed.

References Edit

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