St. Jude's Hospital
Category: Health center
Continent: Europe
Country: England
Town: Bristol
Neighborhood: Totterdown
Notable apperances: Being Human (2008)
1st appearance: "Pilot"

St. Jude's Hospital is a fictional medical center featured in the BBC supernatural drama series Being Human. It is a provincial setting used on the series and is the second most widely used set. It first appeared in the pilot episode of the series.

St. Jude's Hospital is located in the neighborhood of Totterdown in Bristol, England. It is where John Mitchell and George Sands worked as porters. Nina Pickering worked here as a nurse, or "ward sister". Lauren Drake worked there as a nurse as well before being killed by Mitchell and subsequently resurrected as a vampire. [1]

Mitchell was actually admitted there as a patient at one point after being impaled by William Herrick. He survived by drinking the blood of a terminally ill patient named Josie. [2][3]

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  • Scenes of St. Jude's Hospital were filmed at the Bristol General Hospital in Bristol, England.

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