Sophia Peletier
Sophia Peletier 001
Sophia Peletier
Continuity: The Walking Dead
Type: Recurring character
Gender: Female
Location: Atlanta, Georgia
Known relatives: Ed Peletier [1]
Carol Peletier [2]
Status: Deceased
Born: 2002
Died: 2011
1st appearance: Issue #2 [3]
"Tell It to the Frogs"
Final: "Pretty Much Dead Already" [4]
"Nebraska" [5]
Actor: Madison Lintz

Sophia Peletier is a minor character featured in Walking Dead comic book series created by Robert Kirkman and published by Image Comics. She was introduced as the seven-year-old daughter of Ed and Carol Peletier in The Walking Dead #2. The character has also appeared in The Walking Dead television series where she was played by Madison Lintz. She was introduced in the third episode, "Tell It to the Frogs" and appeared in four episodes of season one. She also appeared in the mid-season finale of season two, "Pretty Much Dead Already" and made a brief appearance in the beginning of the following episode, "Nebraska".

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Notes & Trivia Edit

  • The character of Sophia Peletier is based on concepts first developed by writer Robert Kirkman.

Appearances Edit

  1. Walking Dead: Tell It to the Frogs
  2. Walking Dead: Vatos
  3. Walking Dead: Wildfire
  4. Walking Dead: TS-19
  5. Walking Dead: What Lies Ahead
  6. Walking Dead: Bloodletting
  7. Walking Dead: Save the Last One
  8. Walking Dead: Cherokee Rose
  9. Walking Dead: Chupacabra
  10. Walking Dead: Secrets
  11. Walking Dead: Pretty Much Dead Already
  12. Walking Dead: Nebraska

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References Edit

  1. Father, deceased.
  2. Mother, alive.
  3. 1st comic book appearance. Identified only as Sophia in the series.
  4. Zombification and character death revealed.
  5. As a corpse only.

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