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Includes quotations made by or relating to the character of Sookie Stackhouse.

Quotes made by Sookie Stackhouse Edit

"I think Merlotte's just got it's first vampire."
Sookie Stackhouse[src]
"You might be a vampire, but when you talk to me, you will talk to me like the lady that I am!"
Sookie Stackhouse[src]
"I don't think Jesus would mind if somebody was a vampire."
Sookie Stackhouse[src]
"Please, Jason. You don't even have enough sense to know when to pour piss out of a boot."
Sookie Stackhouse[src]
"Other people suspect or they think I'm psychic. Most people just think I'm crazy."
Sookie Stackhouse[src]

Quotes about Sookie Stackhouse Edit

"Don't mind Sookie now, mister. She's as crazy as a bed bug."
Mack Rattray[src]
"Apparently she likes 'em tall, dark and dead."
Lafayette Reynolds[src]
"Stop! Sookie is mine!"
Bill Compton[src]
"I am over Sookie and her precious fairy vagina and her unbelievably stupid name!"
Pam De Beaufort[src]

Conversations with Sookie Stackhouse Edit

Bill Compton: What are you?
Sookie Stackhouse: I told you. I'm a waitress.
Bill Compton: No. You're something more than that. Something more than human.


Bill Compton: May I ask you a personal question?
Sookie Stackhouse: Bill, you were just licking blood out of my head. I don't think it gets much more personal than that.

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