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Singer residence
Country: United States of America
State: South Dakota
Town: Sioux Falls
Residents: Bobby Singer
1st appearance: Supernatural: Devil's Trap

The Singer residence is a fictional location featured in the CW Network television series Supernatural. It first appeared in the season one finale, "Devil's Trap" and has made frequent appearances throughout the series.

Description Edit

The Singer residence is the home of Bobby Singer. His wife Katherine and his daughters also lived at the house up until their untimely demise at the hands of demons. Bobby also owned a junkyard dog, which would live outside the house (usually sleeping on the hood of Bobby's truck), or spent time in the nearby salvage yard.

The Singer home was once a well-kept house, but after the deaths of his family, Bobby let it fall into disrepair. Once he became a hunter, the home became a safe house for fellow hunters as well a repository for various occult books and artifacts.

The basement of Bobby's home was turned into a panic room, guarded by various mystic sigils and incantations. The home was once used to exorcise the demonic entity from a woman named Meg Masters after Bobby and the Winchesters succeeded in capturing her in a devil's trap. [1] The panic room of the house was later used to imprison Sam Winchester as part of a cold-turkey rehabilitation exercise to ween him off drinking demon blood. Bobby later used the panic room again to contain a Crossroads demon while the Winchesters were off hunting for a Lamia.

One of Bobby's neighbors, Marcy Ward, took a liking to Bobby and would often visit him (usually at inopertune times) with a pan of home made peach cobbler. Though the hint of romance was blossoming in the air, Marcy was scared off by Bobby's lifestyle after he was forced to burst into her home with a shotgun to save her from an Okami. [2]

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References Edit

  1. "Devil's Trap"
  2. "Weekend at Bobby's"

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