A shovel is a handy tool that makes digging a heck of a lot easier. Shovels appear quite frequently in horror fiction. Often they are used when digging graves. In mummy-related fare, they are also seen being used by archaeologists excavating ancient tombs. Sometimes shovels can make useful weapons. For example, in the 2006 film Hatchet, the demented killer Victor Crowley uses a shovel to decapitate a young man named Shawn.

Down in good old Houma, Louisiana, a couple of thugs decided to rough up a scientist named Alec Holland in order to steal his research. Alec's friend, Matt Cable, came to his aid, but a man named Bruno clobbered him across the back of the head with a shovel, knocking him out. [1]

On American Horror Story, Ben Harmon used a shovel to dig a hole in the back yard which is where Hayden McClaine was buried. He then used a shovel to beat on Larry Harvey, who had been attempting to blackmail him. After being hit several times, Larry begged Ben to kill him. Though tempted, he put the shovel down. [2]

On The Walking Dead, Rick Grimes bashed a walker across the head with a shovel just as Rick was exiting a tank in the middle of Atlanta, Georgia. [3] Another survivor, Jim, used a shovel to dig various shallow graves, predicting that a herd of walkers would attack, which they did. [4]

In The Walking Dead comic series, Carl Grimes used a shovel to mercilessly beat up on two bullies that had attacked Sophia. One of these bullies was Brandon Rose. [5]

On Scream: The Series, Jake Fitzgerald used a shovel to bury an important item, which he was using to blackmail Mayor Quinn Maddox. [6]

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